Why should I be there?

For a lifetime we have been learning to give names to things. This makes it easy for us to find our way around in the world. And on a practical, material level it does make sense: a house, a tree, a human being.

However, in our human development, we continued this process – mapping, sorting and collectivizing our psyche, our essence.

What are the umbrella terms that best classify my essence? What are the terms that I most like to label myself with? What are the labels that I like using on others?

Nobody likes such a labeling mindset, and yet almost all of us function like this.

But no one on Earth is just monogamous or polygamous!
No one is just left or right!
There are no Christians, Tantrics, enlightened persons or fetishists!

Every time we make such a claim, we just hide from ourselves, mostly unconsciously hiding our true self, and denying the world our true nature. Or we put invisible walls between us and our fellow human beings. As soon as we claim for us or someone else to be something specific, mental deformation begins.

We then become so busy adapting our true self to these concepts (because by nature the two almost never match) that we too often lose sight of our true feelings. Behind all these concepts we use to hide behind, there is always a human being, a feeling person, there is fear, hope, longing, lust, anger, loneliness … and love.

If there is one central deficit in the world, then it is the lack of truthfulness, and most other deficits can be deduced from this one.

One major reason for the wars and conflicts around the world is that countless people believe that they have to fit a certain label, only to then fight against people condemned to fit a different label. What an unfortunate and deformed world.

Our feelings and behaviors in the field of love also follow our conditioning. The repertoire we express in our erotic encounters is habitual, even rehearsed. This does not necessarily correspond to our innermost, authentic self. How can an encounter we experience under these circumstances be really satisfying?

Isn’t it like this? Repeating long-rehearsed erotic programs only creates the illusion of satisfaction, like watching one’s favorite TV show each Tuesday. Too often, this is willingly confused with happiness.

But true fulfillment can only be experienced by an authentic living self. Every erotic impulse that I notice and follow, when liberated from formative patterns, is unique – neither predictable nor repeatable.

In order to allow encounters to become authentic and fulfilling experiences, I must first deal with the issue of who I am.

What then is my true self?

The Art of Love Festival 2017 will be dedicated to this theme:

B E Y O N D   C O N C E P T S

Who are we when we stop hiding our true selves behind concepts for the masses?
Who am I as a sensual being in connection with others behind my curtain of patterns, fears, standard programs and projected desires?

With this question we will really enter new territory!

Thus, the entire festival will have an experimental character, characterized by not knowing, by questions that we encounter together and reveal to each other, and from the collective research that follows.

This also means that there will be no workshops on existing concepts or teaching methods at the festival. Instead, all the teachers, artists, musicians and guests are called upon to explore new ways, to experiment, to dare an uncertain outcome.

Who am I?
What do I want?
What scares me?
What stimulates me?
What does my heart feel?
How can my mind best support this?

What do love and sexuality look like when they are neither polyamorous nor monogamous, not tantric, not BDSM? A love life that simply is what it is? A love life that is unique for each individual? What do we feel when we dare to encounter this uniqueness of each and every person?

This is the beginning of an incredibly exciting journey… NEW HORIZONS!

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What’s this?

The Art of Love Festival – What’s that? What happens there?

The Art of Love Festival was created by people of The FARM Community, in Berlin.

Throughout the year we host a variety of community events with the focus on self-exploration, group-experimentation, celebration and the development of a residential community based on the experience of Free Love.

The project is located at the outskirts of Berlin on a former working farm, which is part residential-community and part-explorative-research-playground for the non-residential members of the larger “Art of Love” community. Freedom in sexuality and partnerships are at the core of our interest in the gatherings and explorations, where we take a fresh look at these values from a humanistic, creative, political and philosophical perspective.

Even to the progressive minds of a large metropolis, the vision at the heart of our project continuous to challenge traditional believes and values. In a safe environment, we dive deep into the waters of sensuality, love and partnership. These encounters nourish the roots of our longing for more freedom and fuel our vision for a shared human experience, based on respect and equality, not control and fear.

After the premier of the festival last year, we are excited to host the 2nd edition of the event this August. Together we are going to embark on a ten-day journey of research, experimentation and questioning. We will laugh and cry, we will love and scream, dance and celebrate, dare new boundaries and understand existing limitations. The workshops and group-events are based on active participation. In the realm of the Erotic, the Tantric, the Spiritual, the Artistic, the Theatrical and with uninhibited play we can dive deeper into the therapeutic and the liberating possibilities we have for ourselves.


Rather than promoting a particular field, such as tantra, BDSM or polyamory, we aim to introduce the participants to a broad range of experiences. In these settings everyone can explore desire, boundaries, connection and surrender at their own pace and within their own comfort-zone.

We will spend 10 days together in this unique communal wonderland and explore the flavor of freedom as the core of love. Come join us, as we embark on the shared journey to the Wonderland of possibilities.

Camp live is a blend of deep workshops or introductory mini-workshops, art explorations, meditation, deep-dive playing fields, dance parties and space and time for retreat and connection.

This camp is your vacation from the ordinary , a place to network, make new friends, meet new lovers, meet yourself in a whole new way. (Glitter included!)

The topics of the workshops are diverse and the program changes daily. Smaller research groups may converge over a period of several days to allow for deeper work. Choose from the open program, attend workshops that draw your interest, cuddle with friends, snooze in the hammock, chant and breathe at morning circle, taste the flavors of camp live. In this garden of love and community you have the room to feel yourself, act on your impulses, flow with the community, confront your believes and invite new perspectives.

Our workshop teachers are always encouraged to dive deep into the unknown themselves in order to challenge standard believes and break through their own comfort zone. This way our teachings are fresh and not simply retold lessons from other masters.

Where does it take place?

The festival takes place on the FARM Berlin, the home of the art of love community Berlin.
The idyllic farm is located at the southern edge of Berlin. Since 2013, we have hosted gatherings, celebrations and inspiring meetings for the people of the The Art of Love Community. The farm has lovingly been transformed by many helping hands to the community’s central gathering place, our home-base

The four-sided farm with several small outbuildings is under historic preservation and is located on one hectare of land. The farm, adjacent to a nature reserve, is in a small village at the urban edge of Berlin. At night, when everything is at rest, the croaking frogs chime in to the song of the nightingales. The small village church bell quietly tells the time while the poplars rustle in the breeze. The blend of pastoral rural charm in combination with our friendly, Berlin-typical cosmopolitan neighbors, make for a sweet and welcoming environment.

And yet our farm is still close to the heart of Berlin: Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are only 30 min away by car. The farm can be reached by public transit with the S-Bahn S8 & S9. From the S-Bahn station “Grünbergallee” a 10min walk will take you to our place. There is a bus-stop right next door and the motorway (A113) has an exit just minutes from the FARM.

The airport Schönefeld is only 10 minutes by Taxi away.

Getting there:

The exact address and other arrival information will be sent to you after the registration confirmation.


The Art of Love-Festival is full 10-day event (11 – 20 August), in order to facilitate an optimal community experience and generate a special energy at the festival location. Regarding the participation fee, we are planning a social experiment this year. Prices are remaining at the same level as last year, but tickets are divided into 4 price categories. There is a limited number of tickets for each category. You decide what you are able to afford. There are no fixed deadlines. Once a category is sold out, those tickets are gone. There are 4 options:

A) Coworker ticket (sold out!)
315 EUR*

Coworker ticket means: Maximum working hours of 4 hours a day. Please be aware that as a coworker you won’t be able to participate in all program sessions. Jobs available are kitchen, bar or cleaning team, as well as technical team. The jobs are allocated according to know-how and necessity only by personal agreement.

These tickets are for people who require a financial discount or who wish to be particularly integrated in the festival community.

B) Full-time ticket Subsidized (sold out!)
495 EUR*

Subsidized tickets are discounted tickets for people who cannot afford the regular price, but who really want to participate in the festival. Of course, we would like to enable as many people to take part. We would not be able to organize the festival at this price, however, as the costs are simply enormous. This ticket category is subsidized by the Supporter tickets.

C) Full-time ticket Regular (sold out!)
590 EUR*

This is the regular ticket category. Anyone who was there last year can see that ticket prices have fallen.

D) Full-time ticket Supporter
680 EUR*

Supporter tickets are intended for people who wish to support this wonderful festival financially and have the resources to do so. The surplus generated through Supporter tickets subsidizes the low-price ticket category.

Please choose your ticket category wisely and empathically. We look forward to seeing what balancing effect our collective intelligence can produce.*) Included in the price of the festival are, besides VAT, all workshops, lectures, dance events and morning offers, all meals offering super tasty vegetarian, mainly organic and regional food and overnight accommodation on the campsite.

Since not everyone will be able to participate for the entire time, a 7-day ticket will be available to a small number of guests (percentage based on full-time guest bookings) for the second part of the festival only (14 – 20 August). For friends and acquaintances of the project who will not be able to participate in any other way, there will be some short-camp tickets for the first four days (11 -14 August). Both types of short festival tickets will only be available from June. You can, however, ask us to be placed on the waiting list.

variant number of tickets price
Employee 25 (sold out!) 315,- Euro*
10-day-ticket Subsidized 25 (sold out!) 495,- Euro*
10-day-ticket Regular 25 (sold out!) 590,- Euro*
10-day-ticket Support 25 680,- Euro*
*) Prices incl. VAT, accommodation (camping site) and catering.
Full confirmation for participation is only after:
a) confirmation by us via e-mail
b) the payment of the relevant registration fee to our bank account.Participation from 18 years.