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What’s this?

The Art of Love Festival – What’s that? What happens there?

The Art of Love Festival was created by people of The FARM Community, in Berlin.

Throughout the year we host a variety of community events with the focus on self-exploration, group-experimentation, celebration and the development of a residential community based on the experience of Free Love.

The project is located at the outskirts of Berlin on a former working farm, which is part residential-community and part-explorative-research-playground for the non-residential members of the larger “Art of Love” community. Freedom in sexuality and partnerships are at the core of our interest in the gatherings and explorations, where we take a fresh look at these values from a humanistic, creative, political and philosophical perspective.

Even to the progressive minds of a large metropolis, the vision at the heart of our project continuous to challenge traditional believes and values. In a safe environment, we dive deep into the waters of sensuality, love and partnership. These encounters nourish the roots of our longing for more freedom and fuel our vision for a shared human experience, based on respect and equality, not control and fear.

After the premier of the festival last year, we are excited to host the 2nd edition of the event this August. Together we are going to embark on a ten-day journey of research, experimentation and questioning. We will laugh and cry, we will love and scream, dance and celebrate, dare new boundaries and understand existing limitations. The workshops and group-events are based on active participation. In the realm of the Erotic, the Tantric, the Spiritual, the Artistic, the Theatrical and with uninhibited play we can dive deeper into the therapeutic and the liberating possibilities we have for ourselves.

Rather than promoting a particular field, such as tantra, BDSM or polyamory, we aim to introduce the participants to a broad range of experiences. In these settings everyone can explore desire, boundaries, connection and surrender at their own pace and within their own comfort-zone.

We will spend 10 days together in this unique communal wonderland and explore the flavor of freedom as the core of love. Come join us, as we embark on the shared journey to the Wonderland of possibilities.

The daily schedule as PDF-Download

Camp live is a blend of deep workshops or introductory mini-workshops, art explorations, meditation, deep-dive playing fields, dance parties and space and time for retreat and connection.

This camp is your vacation from the ordinary , a place to network, make new friends, meet new lovers, meet yourself in a whole new way. (Glitter included!)

The topics of the workshops are diverse and the program changes daily. Smaller research groups may converge over a period of several days to allow for deeper work. Choose from the open program, attend workshops that draw your interest, cuddle with friends, snooze in the hammock, chant and breathe at morning circle, taste the flavors of camp live. In this garden of love and community you have the room to feel yourself, act on your impulses, flow with the community, confront your believes and invite new perspectives.

Our workshop teachers are always encouraged to dive deep into the unknown themselves in order to challenge standard believes and break through their own comfort zone. This way our teachings are fresh and not simply retold lessons from other masters.

Find out more about the program under the header “Workshops” & “Daily Shedule”.

Where does it take place?

The festival takes place on the FARM Berlin, the home of the art of love community Berlin.
The idyllic farm is located at the southern edge of Berlin. Since 2013, we have hosted gatherings, celebrations and inspiring meetings for the people of the The Art of Love Community. The farm has lovingly been transformed by many helping hands to the community’s central gathering place, our home-base

The four-sided farm with several small outbuildings is under historic preservation and is located on one hectare of land. The farm, adjacent to a nature reserve, is in a small village at the urban edge of Berlin. At night, when everything is at rest, the croaking frogs chime in to the song of the nightingales. The small village church bell quietly tells the time while the poplars rustle in the breeze. The blend of pastoral rural charm in combination with our friendly, Berlin-typical cosmopolitan neighbors, make for a sweet and welcoming environment.

And yet our farm is still close to the heart of Berlin: Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are only 30 min away by car. The farm can be reached by public transit with the S-Bahn S8 & S9. From the S-Bahn station “Grünbergallee” a 10min walk will take you to our place. There is a bus-stop right next door and the motorway (A113) has an exit just minutes from the FARM.

The airport Schönefeld is only 10 minutes by Taxi away.

Getting there:

The exact address and other arrival information will be sent to you after the registration confirmation.

Who’s attending?

The festival is designed by an experienced team, many well-known love activists, lecturers and teachers and also by you and your neighbor.

The Team

The team will lead you through the entire time, establish connection and create various areas of experience from their own wealth of experience.



Saskia Mieszkalski


Konstantin Stavridis


Andrea Mess


Ralph Freytag


Silke vom Bauer (VeeBee)

.. And many other supportive hands, as well as artists, people to be go to and magicians!

Love activists, lecturers and teachers

In the afternoons, experienced workshop leaders offer compact, but comprehensive workshops and give an insight into their specialized areas. We have invited several teachers, to develop an exceptional program for you…

Currently committed lecturers & artists:


Seani Love


Michaela Riedl


Astrid Vlamynck


Felix Falkenhahn


Christoph Kahse


Ottokar Lehrner


Mater Polonia


Anke Mrosla und Rocco Hammes


Rita Mühlenbrink


Birte Amar Petersen

Para Hybrid

Para Hybrid


Shoshanna Crow


Bettina Dornics


Adam Paulman


Markus Peter Ibrom


David Bloom


Federica Fiore


Claudia Steiger


Silvana Del Rosso




Joe Schraube


Nikolai Hanf-Dressler

…and more!

You as participants have the opportunity to offer your own mini-workshop (each 1-3 hrs.) to the guests in several open-Circles-time. The proposed workshops will be collected each evening before. Gladly you can send us now your suggestions by email: festival @ liebeskunst . de
Explorers may join together in small groups to examine particular issues of love over a longer period in the “spirit of science.

Why should I be there?

During the 10 days of the festival last year there was an abundance of magical moments in which we overwhelmingly noticed again and again how valuable and unique is this festival. We have created a small new world and let live visions. Many dreams have been realized and gave a taste of “life could be also that way”.

It is important for us to constantly obtain reference to “normal life” and to connect the festival with a social statement.

This is the title of this year’s festival:

D A R E .  M O R E .  F R E E D O M .

This is a social call from us at a time where more and more borders are established, increasing demands for even more rules occurred and where the freedom of love threatens to fall victim to a general control mania.

We live in a time that brings us further and further into a corner. We live in a time, where people and nations increasingly differentiate from each other. The main characteristic of the right-wing parties that just extend throughout Europe is demarcation. A climate of fear is getting around and erects fences: at borders, at housing developments, within ourselves. Everywhere borders are guarded again.

What demarcation and control mean in depth? Which apparent security they suggest?

This “Security esotericism” of the supposedly “normal”, the fatal belief in salvific security within ourselves and in our appearance, we want to help to expose by our social call:

Is a reality to imagine where we trust each other, instead of constantly more and more controlling us?

We want to set a passionate commitment to freedom against the general spirit of the demarcation and the security mania.

Freedom is the basis of everything.


How would the world be if we dare to dare more freedom?
If we would stand up for what we really want?
What could it mean to engage in more freedom?
To trust ourselves and others in regard to more personal responsibility instead of controlling them?

True freedom begins where we dare to show ourselves as we really are. Just as it is our nature.

In our joy, our pleasure, our sadness … We do not need to hide any longer.
10 days to “dare more freedom ” in the protected Wonderland on the farm.

Love is known to be free, but even more so, it can only flourish in freedom – freedom is the prerequisite for the thriving of love. There is no safety for love, no store and no guarantee.

And at the same time we know that without love the whole human world is utterly meaningless.
A non-free world will never find love; let us therefore dare more freedom.

Our greatest desire and at the same time our greatest fear concerns the love.

Each step of self-knowledge, the internal clarification and processing leads up to discover the love in our own hearts. Each step in our innermost leads us to more capacity for love, frees us from conditionings, and leads us to recognize our beauty in reality. These steps are the ones who can make us happy and result in the necessity to share this happiness with other people.

With each real love experience, we can pass it on to other people and thus bring more love and happiness in the world. With the necessary integration probably this reduces the misery around us.

Bring more love and freedom in the world, even as a multiplier.

The only real revolution that exists in life is love.

Be part of this revolution, make up for love, and be free. Together with other people who are on this path.


feedback on the Festival 2015 – The very first time

“THANK YOU for your courage, your commitment, your inspiration!!”

“I am deeply inspired and touched by this event and look forward to the next time!

“Thank you to do it. I’ll be back.

“Thanks again for the magical time with you!

“Was a very moving “the very first time” and I’m glad to have been there in all the hot madness!

“High praise, you were really very professional and alert.

“I look forward to a next time. Brilliant that it had been such a festival in Berlin.


“After the festival, I recognized a higher quality of life joy and lightness and greater presence. This is a very nice outcome for just ten days, isn`t it?

“I, as a notorious maverick, have unexpectedly discovered my feeling for community!

“Since the Art of Love Festival, I am less in my head, but more in the heart and I feel more and am more sensual and mindful with me and my fellows.

“I am again pleased of Festival / Workshops that are getting into depth and that are really touching something in me. To come into contact with people in another way.


“The festival made me relaxed in dealing with myself. I have learned a lot.

“For me, everything was almost perfect organized. And that at the first time. Hats off!”

“What was your highlight of the festival? The all – the beautiful rooms, the lovingly designed place, the cooperation, the talks, the food – everything. The many beautiful encounters, the openness of the people and to be part of a community. To feel what power arises in a shared vision.”

“I still glow with the human responsibilities.

“The human responsibilities as a central theme I loved.

“Transformation station was great! Rarely seen so many men in tutu :-)

“I liked the forum very much.

“Best Festival / Seminar food ever !!! Unforgettable! The food was a CELEBRATION!!!

“We tell everybody how delicious and varied vegetarian food can be and we do not eat as many animals!

“And the live band? The guys played great!

“I felt overall very inspired, especially caused by the mood, the attitude and the approach with each other. This gave me a sense of freedom, which gave me options to try something / me, which was very inspirational.

“The “Pferdestall” was my highlight. Wonderful experience! An important action for the erotic sensual atmosphere and the success of the festival.

“It was good to know that there is somebody (as a Soul Angel) who is there for me when I need it. But I could clarify all emerging issues with the people with whom I was in contact anyway.

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How could I attend?


The festival is an event especially for people who feel connected to the FARM in Berlin-Bohnsdorf and the Berlin Art of Love network or those who would like to get into contact.
You can also get in touch with us and be there, if this is new to you. Then please tell us a few words about yourself and what inspired you to participate in the festival.
We address to unconventional thinking and loving people from all areas of society, scenes and subcultures in order to exchange ideas and to learn from each other. It is not about consumption but about shared admitting, experience and experiment centering. We are therefore particularly happy about people who are doing the entire festival and have favorable conditions for early bookers.

Booking options

Designed for an optimal interaction and a special energy at the spot, the Art of Love Festival is supposed as compact event for the entire 10 days (12th to 21th of AUGUST). The participation fee for the whole festival is the normal price € 630, – and € 495, – for early birds who register obligingly until 1st June 2016.
Included in the festival price are all offered workshops, lectures, dances and morning sessions, a vegetarian, largely biological full board with food mainly from the region and overnight stay at the campsite in the grounds.

Since the full participation is not always possible, there are some options (in relation to the registration status of the full-time guest) to participate as a short camp for the first four days (August 12th to 15th) or as 7-Day – ticket for the second part (August 15th to 21th).

For employees (like students, trainees or people interested in communities) there are reductions. Who, for example, collaborates in kitchen, bar or cleaning crew, can have the reduced price of € 315, – to be there. The staff time is a maximum of 4 hours a day. Please be aware that you cannot participate in the whole program as an employee.


variant duration price
Earlybird (until 01.06.2016) 10-day-ticket 495,- Euro*
Regular price 10-day-ticket 630,- Euro*
1-week-ticket (15 – 21 August) 445,- Euro*
Shortcamp-ticket (12 – 15 August) 250,- Euro*
Employee 10-day-ticket 315,- Euro*
*) *Prices incl. VAT, accommodation (camping site) and catering.

Full confirmation for participation is only after:
a) confirmation by us via e-mail
b) the payment of the relevant registration fee to our bank account.

Participation from 18 years.